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Twlight Swing Adds to BBP Coffers

Over 1,000 people attended Sunset Swing–the Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy’s annual fundraiser–this year, and the event, along with the MyHome, Brooklyn-sponsored after party, raised a whopping $250,000. And while each attendee couldn’t squeeze into Galapagos for Twilight Swing, the aforementioned after party, the event was nicely attended as well, adding even more funds to the park’s coffers.

We’re very pleased to be able to support the efforts of the conservancy and put the spotlight on the importance of creating and maintaining parkland. Yes, from a real estate perspective, it’s good for property values and marketing, but from a human perspective, a park–especially as innovative and vibrant as Brooklyn Bridge Park is shaping up to be–weaves a community together, providing entertainment and ecological benefits, outlets for recreation and relaxation, which we can all use more of.

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