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I grew up on a small town on the eastern end of Long Island, where my bedroom was a large playground filled with my most precious items. When I first got into real estate I always knew there were two sureties about New York City living—it was small and expensive. People actually chose to live in prison-sized apartments and pay upwards of $2,000 per month! But when I really thought of it, what better way to actually experience a city as vibrant and exciting as New York City then to be forced out of your apartment and explore it.

I came across this article (see below for article link) in The New York Times this morning—people living “large” in 200 sq ft apartments.  The ingenious use of space and the creativity that comes with New York living amazes me and the plan that Bloomberg has laid out to build ”micro-units” is actually a great idea of younger people looking to start and make their career in this concrete jungle. On the other hand, Brooklynites already know that you get more space for your buck so maybe instead of giving up space, why not move across the river?

How many of you feel the same way? Is Bloomberg’s plan going to help young New Yorkers achieve their dreams of living in the big apple, should young people make the move to Brooklyn? Or are the spaces just going to get smaller while the rents continue to hike?

Link to the NYT article:

Check out this 90 sq ft apartment: Click here.

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